Surveying cargo inspection

Survey services are one of the crucial moments in the process of cargo transportation. The term 'survey' was initially interpreted as an examination or inspection of something and dealt more with sea vessels. However, over time this concept assumed greater importance and became more extensive. In current practice survey means inspection and evaluation including a wide range of functional duties which can be carried out in different areas of transport, as well as warehousing and manufacturing processes.

In turn, survey services represent an independent qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the cargo and the vehicle taking into account the quality of stowage and securing of the transported goods on the vehicle, various ancillary services for handling operations, and consulting services.

The survey assessment/report enables to insure against occurrence of unsubstantiated claims from any party and to optimize the transportation process.

Surveying cargo inspection guarantees:

- careful monitoring of each stage of the transport process;

- prompt obtaining of information on the state of cargo (photo/video reports);

- professional advice from a specialist to minimize losses.


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