Delivery of groupage cargo

Imagine that you have just launched your business, and you have to buy goods in small quantities, but they can not fill even one full container. Or, for example, the standard container can hold 30 units of goods, and you need to transport 100. So, you can fill three containers and the fourth will not be full. If the transportation of the groupage cargo did not exist as a service, you would have to pay for the incomplete container just as well as for the filled one, because the transport companies charge the fee for a container. However, today groupage cargo delivery is a demanded service, and our company provides it for the main directions of our work.

In organizational and technical terms, delivery of the groupage cargo is much more difficult than the usual one. This is due to the principles of registration and transportation of groupage goods, as well as a certain material base.

Initially, the transportation of groupage cargoes was developed as a service that cuts down expenses both for the customer and the carrier: it allows to transport more cargo at once, optimizing space usage. Savings during the transportation of the groupage cargo can reach 30-40% of the total transportation cost.

However, the reduced cost of groupage cargo transportation is not the only advantage. Thanks to this service, the customer can optimize the time of goods delivery, as there is an opportunity to bring all the goods at once, without sending them one by one. Moreover, as a rule, the transportation of groupage goods is carried out "to the door" which is definitely convenient for the client.


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